Artist in residency Ellan Valley, September-December 2019, Wales (UK)

The coming September and December we will be living and working in Elan Valley. The residency programme is part of Elan Links, a National Lottery Heritage funded scheme which aims to secure heritage and boost the opportunities available in the Elan Valley for the future.

The valley is best known for its Victorian style dams build in the beginning of the 20th century to provide the city of Birmingham of clean water. The forests and woodlands in the valley are also known as being part of the Celtic Rainforests because of the unique humid weather conditions in the valley. During our stay in September we wil mainly explore the valley and the woodlands and hosting a number of workshops. In December we will come back to continue our explorations and finally transform them in a presentation. We are looking forward!

The Forest at Sansusi Festival, 9-11 August 2019, Akniste (LV)

We are happy to announce that we will be part of the programme of the the alternative chamber music festival Sansusi in Latvia. Festival Sansusi takes place in Akniste municipality in the back yard of the former Suseja parish house and occupies portions of adjoining forest and harvest sites. We found a beautiful spot in the forest were that will be our research and presentation ground for the days of the festival. Feel free to join!

The Forest at FestiValderAa, 5-7 July 2019, Schipborg (NL)

From 5 till 7 July we will host a couple of Tree D Scanning Workshops at the lovely and cosy FestiValderAa in the beautiful nature park the Drentsche Aa in the province od Drenthe and close to the village Schipborg. During the day we will work together with the festival visitors to 3D capture trees and plants of the forest that partly is located in the festival area. During the night we will show the virtual reality installation with materials collected during the workshops. Feel free to join us!

Evolving the Forest, 19-21 June 2019, Totnes (UK)

The coming week me and Anna will attend the Trees, Forests and Arts symposium Evolving the Forest in the UK that will take place from 19 until 21 June. We will go on a journey to Dartington Hall in the rural area of South West England where we will present our artistic research project The Forest. How we planted the first seeds and how this is evolving in an ever more fascinating project in which we try to map and archive different pieces of forests in the Netherlands and across Europe. About the different 3D scanning techniques we use and how we visualise the results in a VR environment. Special thanks to for inviting us and and the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie for supporting us in realizing this project.