20 June 2019, Presentation at Evolving the Forest

Next week we will be attending the Forestry and Arts symposium Evolving the Forest in the UK that will take place from 19 until 21 JuneIt is a three-day international gathering bringing together creative thinkers and doers to explore the forest and how we live with trees. Evolving the Forest is convened by art.earth, the Royal Forestry Society and Timber Strategies.  We will go on a journey to Dartington Hall in the rural area of South West England where we will be presenting our process-led participatory artistic research path The Forest. 

During this presentation we will give an insight into the making process with a focus on different methods and self-made tools that we use, and give a demonstration of the initial results of the scanning from Noordlaarderbos in the Netherlands.
Thank you to Richard Povall and Art.earth for inviting us and special thanks to the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie for supporting us in doing this trip.

5,6,7 July, Tree D Scanning workshops at FestiValderAa

We will host a 3-day Tree D scanning workshop on the theatre, music and arts festival FestiValderAa in the region of Drenthe. Together with the visitors of the festival we will map a small piece of forest on the beautiful location of the festival. Be very welcome!