In the fall of 2018 Adri Schokker and T.S. Anna started experimenting with making 3D scans of forests in the Netherlands. At first they were playing around with making video recordings with a drone in the forest and soon realised that they could make 3D models out of the video sequences. Shortly after they started experimenting with building their own Forest Scanners to get more detailed scans of the woodlands. What started with a playful act of 3D scanning and observing, evolved into the groundwork for a new participatory process-led artistic research path titled The Forest

The Forest artwork will be a virtual exploration of the beauty and wonders of the many forests that make our life on earth possible. The artists see it as a combination of a digital archive and a Virtual Reality installation that lets the spectator virtually wander through a patchwork of 3D scanned forests from all over the world forming a global forest.